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Did you know that postmodern and Beat Generation figure William S. Burroughs had more than a casual interest in mysticism and the occult? Or that U.S. First Lady Mary Lincoln held frequent séances with her husband Abraham Lincoln at the White House? Or that Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page owned an occult bookstore in the 1970s?

Occult subjects have fascinated many over the years and continue to influence popular culture. We will be showcasing topics that capture the occult ideas, movements, and figures of the 19th and 20th centuries. All are welcome to contribute.

Please note: We will not be covering individuals or groups who use "occultism" or any religion as a pretense for antisocial, criminal behavior. Such cases are best covered on a wikia specializing in criminal behavior and psychopathology.

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Historical Contexts

The Nineteenth Century

The Twentieth Century

Where We Are Now

Academic Perspectives

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